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Bath & Body Works Checkout

Right out of the gate the DTC business for Bath & Body Works was a runaway success. Easily eclipsing $100 Million in revenue as it ended its second year and during the one of the most challenging business environments, the 2008 recession. This success meant that going about the work of improving all important metrics like Checkout Conversions was a no brainer. Working cross-functionally I lead the redesign and release of a new checkout, one that layered in added value for the loyal Bath & Body Works customer, as well as first time shoppers, by offering personalization options in the form of gifting add-ons in the middle of the checkout process.

The Shopping Bag experience is important too

The Shopping Bag is the Welcome Mat for your checkout. It can get dense, cross-sell, save-for-later features, and incentive messages are all jostling for a shoppers attention. Providing a clear display of items in the bag within this sometimes noisy environment is key. Surfacing information that's helpful, providing easily understood hierarchy, and a clear path forward all work in concert to send the user along to the next step in this most crucial juncture of the buyers journey.

Creating opportunities for added value in the checkout funnel

Finding the when and where to disrupt your own checkout process flow is a tricky challenge. Offer too much at the wrong time and users will just get inundated with information and options that can detract from overall conversion goals. Striking the balance with discreet messaging, and disclosing messages progressively helps to manage any friction introduced in the process.

The shipping step in the checkout flow was the optimal point, still shallow enough in the flow that it could mitigate abandonment rates. In the mind of customer it was a good place to start thinking about personalization in the form of customized messages, and gift wrapping options both full service and self service through curated gifting kits that were easy add-ons.

If you want to validate it, articulate it, or refine it, make a prototype

Checkout is one place where you can move the needle incrementally and produce gains in higher multiples than most any other place in a shopping experience. It's also a place where every part of the organization has a vested interest in, making every checkout project a cross-functional one. The best way to make ideas real enough for your team is to make something that works, something anyone can try out, creating opportunities for collaboration and improvement before the first release is shipped.

See the prototype here.

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