David Ziganay

User Experience Designer, Art Director, Creative Director

Mayvenn Platform

As Lead Product Designer for Mayvenn, I worked closely with the Product Team to design and iterate on the Mayvenn Progressive Web App. Working in a agile fashion I generated design specifications expressed as flows, storyboards, screen comps, and display level prototypes. I conducted user research, facilitated testing, and shipped features within an agile development cycle. I worked with the Product Manager and Engineering Lead to feed, groom, and point a development backlog.

All roads lead to checkout

If any aspect of a shopping experience has the most influence on performance, from a conversion perspective, it's the checkout. Put simply the goal of any checkout is to make it easy for me as a consumer to give you the seller my money, the easier you make it the more likely it is that I will complete the checkout process.

Checkout is a complex experience, one that should definitely be taken into prototype. I created a responsive prototype to validate my design solutions and to inform iterations and A/B tests that could be acted on right after shipping the first version.

See the responsive checkout prototype here.

Creating compelling product presentation

Getting product presentation right is a core aspect of any successful shopping experience. Research tells us that a product gallery is an element of the shopping experience that buyers return to, many times over the course of the buyer's journey. You want to provide the best way for a user to spend time getting into the details for a product. I looked at ways to make it engaging with motion and made it easy to stay engaged with dead simple interactions, don't overthink it.

Compact, highly informative, and intuitive carting UI

The goal was simple, create a clear, concise, feedback laden UI cluster that communicated the most information in the most efficient way possible and make it responsive. This piece of UI is deceptively shallow, it goes well beyond ensuring any one interaction works in an ideal scenario, it's a robust piece of carting UI that must accommodate a variety of attributes, retain its presentation quality across those varieties, and it must scale.

Creating a platform for users across the entire aptitude range

The mix of the user demographics for Mayvenn had heavy representation by segments who shopped online sparingly, and even a significant portion that were first time online shoppers. Coupling this with a majority of users shopping on a mobile device, I aimed to craft an experience that met the needs of high aptitude digital shoppers and those on the low end of the spectrum. The result was a hard working commerce platform that offered best-in-class experience.

None of this work would have been realized without close collaboration with these great people.

  • Ryan Stevens: Product Manager
  • Sheel Choski: Engineering Lead
  • Jeff Hui: Engineering Lead
  • Nicole Muther: UX Designer
  • Alvin Domingo: Art Director
  • Tyler Yin: Photo/Video Lead
  • Sierra Jewel: Visual Designer
  • Lauren McCoy: Visual Designer

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