David Ziganay

User Experience Designer, Art Director, Creative Director

A selection of my UX work

Beneath the shiny veneer, all of my digital work is driven by its underlying UX Design. Because the truth is, how something works or how something behaves is just as important - arguably more important depending on who you ask - as how it looks. I've included some samples of my work below. Keep in mind these are raw deliverables and not for the uninitiated, that said I'd be more than happy to elaborate on anything and talk about my rationale and process.

David Ziganay

UXD, AD, CD, Street Walkin' Cheetah With A Heart Full Of Napalm

San Francisco Bay Area based UXD, AD, CD, with a focus on excellence in creativity, integrity and just plain hard work. Proven creative, conceptual, and problem solving skills. I'm not afraid to roll my sleeves up and get my hands dirty.

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