David Ziganay

CD, AD, UXD, Street Walkin' Cheetah With A Heart Full Of Napalm

San Francisco Bay Area based CD, AD, UXD, with a focus on excellence in creativity, integrity and just plain hard work. Proven creative, conceptual and problem solving skills. I'm not afraid to roll my sleeves up and get my hands dirty.

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David Ziganay


digg.com Responsive Redesign
A.K.A. that one time I led the responsive redesign for the iconic news aggregator and nothing happened. After digg v4 and before it's eventual sale in 2012 digg made an attempt to attract new venture funding, the cherry on top of the pitch for capital was to be a responsive redesign that also incorporated a fad of the day - broadcasting the news I was reading into the social space. What could have been...
ProjectSlide digg 01 ProjectSlide digg 02 ProjectSlide digg 02 ProjectSlide digg 02